Construction Steel products are characterized by low sulphur content, making them the best choice.


Kay2 Steel Ltd. is a significant producer of other construction products such as Mild Steel Bars, Mild Steel Rounds, HSD Bars and Mild Steel Squares in addition to its famed line of TMT bars in various diameters and lengths.

Our construction steel products are characterized by low sulfur and phosphorus content, making them the best choice for such applications. Construction steel products find use in architectural structures, hardware and frames. Made to precise tolerances with the right mechanical properties, Kay2 TMT bars are easy to work with and have far better finish than comparative products in the market.

A worthy complement to our TMT bar is our line of HSD or high strength deformed bars with exceptional proof stress and tensile strength. Manufactured under precisely controlled conditions, these HSD bars have a higher strength to weight ratio, cutting down on the use of steel without compromising on final strength or durability of structures.

Kay2 Steel Ltd. also offers unique super-ductile rebar with special chemistry and treatment designed for use in earthquake prone areas. Another outstanding feature of the product is the range of bands that tie the bars together.