Manufactured and tested through rigorous laboratory processes to ensure best functionality.


KAY2 TMT is manufactured through advanced technology under entirely computer controlled systems and tested through rigorous laboratory processes to ensure the best with functionality.

The plant has contemporary and totally automatic PLC based machines, which maintain temperature during the rolling process between 1000 ° to 1100 ° C. Then the bars pass through specially designed Quenching Box. The red-hot bars are now subjected to sudden and intense cooling. The cooling time and rate depend on the size of bars controlled by maintaining the desired temperature, Flow rate and temperature of water. The surface gets quenched to from a hard martensite structure while the inner layer remains comparatively hot and soft austenite. Finally, the bar is kept on Cooling Bed, where natural air cools it. The temperature gradient between inner hot core and outer layer makes the core reheat the quenched surface.

Kay2 TMT production is controlled by high automated and computerized systems. The manufacturing process includes the sequencing of equipment, material detection and tracking, strip rolling, furnaces, boilers, material coating and water cooling.


Excellent Strength Better Weldability
Prominent Ribs for Longer Life of Constructions Superiour Bendability
Earthquake Resistance Higher Elongation
Corrosion Resistance Perfect Straightness
Fire Resistance Consistent Quality as per BIS standards