Implementing the latest and the best in automated technologies to deliver consistent products.


Kay2 Steel Ltd. strongly believes in implementing the latest and the best in automated technologies to deliver consistently better-performing products at better than market prices yet sustain increased revenue generation and profitability.

Operators, supervisors and engineers with the highest level of training and skills handle and oversee precise computer controlled automated processes at each stage, with the least intervention necessary to sustain volume productions.

We believe autonomy in technology is essential for expansion in the context of globalization. We lay great emphasis on the raw materials and technology. With the latest technology and superior quality of raw materials, Kay2 Steel Ltd. is heading towards the right path. We have also focused on product innovations with a variety of products. Products are designed according to the target customers and focus is also laid on the whole product package. We take care of contracting, project management, equipment design and manufacture, supply, construction management, commissioning and startup, operation & maintenance, product inspection, metallurgy, environmental protection, architecture, transportation, municipal works, finance, chemical industry and new energy, etc.