About Us

KAY2 Steel, since its inception in 2012, has demonstrated phenomenal advancement in manufacturing high-quality construction TMT bars. By incorporating world's leading technologies and manufacturing processes, KAY 2 Steel has become the most trusted brand in the steel bar segment. We are transforming the landscape of India with our revolutionizing construction products and strategically defined business model.

Our vision to firmly place India on the global construction map is shaped by the commitment to benefit society and care for our employees. We offer high-quality products and services to our customers globally at an affordable price. Backed by cutting edge technology and modern equipment, our team of experts drive the actionable insights into innovative solutions to create value for customers and instill brand confidence. The Company's advanced lab, modern equipments, trained technicians, and Quality Assurance Department works cohesively to monitor the processes and material to make it seismic resistant and present the best of the Steel for our customers to use.

Our care and collaborative relationship with our partners and dedicated staff are based on trust and mutual respect for one other. The foundation of our success is based on the underlying business principles wherein we believe in the combined interests of shareholders, the dedication of employees, efforts of vendors, offering better quality at reduced costs and higher efficiency through a continuous evaluation process. We continuously strive to build eco-friendly construction and to create sustained value for everyone. As a socially responsible organization, we are always on a lookout to find innovative ways to improve lives, bring positive changes, and to conserve the environment.

Message from the leaders

“Innovation in substantial infrastructure is the robust foundation for future prosperity. Our endeavour at Kay2 has always been to strengthen construction capabilities for a stronger and safer tomorrow. Owing to our business expertise, innovative approach, and groundbreaking technology, we now lead the way for a new vertical growth model in today's construction. Our internationally recognized manufacturing and quality processes, consistency in volumes, and assured timely deliveries have made us the most preferred and sought after brand by structural engineers, architects, and construction companies globally.

Infused with innovation & automated technologies, and consistent with BIS standard quality, I present to you Kay2 XENOX, the Intelligent Steel designed for perfection and to endure strength. Kay2 XENOX's better weldability, superior bendability, and higher elongation offers unmatched strength and makes it earthquake, corrosion, and fire-resistant. Kay2 XENOX is an avant-garde product that leverages the power of advanced technology and focuses on Smart Construction. This new age construction steel has a mesh grip for a stronger steel cement bond. With 2.7 times higher bond strength, this advanced processed steel ensures a stronger and stable structure and proves that safety is our most prioritized management value.

At Kay2 Steel, we are committed to producing the highest quality of steel following a path of excellence and making it cost-effective for the larger good. Our strong sense of aesthetic value, integrity, and reliability of our actions has earned the trust of our customers. We work with transparency and dedication and act cohesively towards building a steady relationship with our partners and clients across the globe. To achieve the highest possible standards, I ask for your sincere support for Kay2 Steel in pursuit of innovation to revolutionize the future.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to gain a pre-eminent position as the most preferred brand in the steel bar segment, offering the best in class products to global customers at affordable prices. We aim for a holistic, organic growth path to success through evolution, excellence and commitment.

Kay2 Steel incorporates world’s leading technologies and manufacturing processes and provides excellent products and services. We, as an eco-friendly company, set a benchmark for the steel industry by achieving global competitiveness based on cooperation with all our customers. Every company has a set of core values which include integrity, excellence, understanding, unity and responsibility.


  • We constantly innovate from within and anticipate the future changes.
  • The products and services that we provide not only benefit the society but also grow with us as partners.
  • We bring out the best in our people to make our group rich with energy and enthusiasm.
  • We emphasize the importance of integrity and reliability of our actions.
  • We act with a strong sense of aesthetical value and earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers.
  • Transparency and dedication are two things which we care about in the business. An honest appeal helps us to achieve highest possible standards.
  • We act cohesively towards building steady relationships with our partners and clients across the globe.
  • An initiative has been taken on our behalf to provide a safe and respectable workplace to our employees.

Our Philosophy

At Kay2 Steel we sincerely believe in viewing matters from a customer's perspective in terms of timely supplies, courteous and friendly services, the highest quality products and assured quality with repeat reliability in each batch. Consistency is gained through committed pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our business operations, ranging from back office to sourcing to manufacturing to supply and customer relationship. Quality and reputation go hand in hand, balanced with timeliness and right prices. Our company is focused on producing quality products at competitive prices by following a modern, finely tuned, highly efficient production process.

We believe success is the outcome of combined efforts and employees are key contributors. The prosperity of a company percolates to each employee at each level and we take care of our own, treating each as part of a grand family joining hands for the overall good. We try to make the dream of mankind come true by creating new future through our inventive thinking and limitless efforts. We are driven to make progress by delivering highest possible quality to customers. Our sense of responsibility for our stakeholders makes us a successful group. We have oriented human values, top-notch products and cutting edge technology to cater more customers quickly. The customer-driven corporate culture provides best quality and services for our customers. We aspire to be the world's best by respecting the diversity of cultures and customs and strive to become a respected global corporate company.

The company considers itself as a part of an environment made up of employees; surroundings and the people in a community that directly and indirectly influences on its operations. As a socially responsible organization, we plow back part of what we earn to improving lives, conserving the environment and leaving behind a legacy of which our successors will be proud.