About Us

Striving to become the preferred business partner in the steel industry, Kay2 Steel laid its foundations in 2012. At Kay2 Steel, we believe in quality work, providing the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

We have a team of dedicated professionals building safer and stronger homes for you. Our hardworking professionals permit us to align our needs with our clients and provide them with solutions at the ground level. This has allowed us to build long-standing relationships and get repeated business from our clients, by providing quality work.

With our state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments, we deliver nothing but excellence. Kay2’s Hexagonal Molecular Bonding TMT Bars and wirebonds are produced to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Through our persistent efforts, we have managed to establish ourselves as the go-to company for all steel bar and wirebond requirements in the market. Using a customer-centric model, Kay2 Steel provides the intelligent steel to all its clients, meeting international standards of quality. We provide exactly what our clients desire by offering superior quality TMT Bars and wirebonds. By doing so, we ensure client satisfaction and mutual growth.

Get the optimum quality of steel products only with Kay2 Steel as we integrate your vision with our solutions.

Who are We?

One of the leading manufacturers of TMT Steel Bars and wirebonds in the country, Kay2 Steel ensures high-strength and anti-fatigue steel products for the civil sector. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, Kay2 Steel is adamant about improving the quality of construction materials in the country. With its vast distribution network, Kay2 Steel has managed to make space amongst the top steel manufacturers in India. Grow your homes by partnering with Kay2 Steel as we integrate your vision with our solutions!

What do we Deliver?

With our client-centric approach, Kay2 Steel provides TMT Bars and wirebonds of different diameters and as per the requirements of the customers. Since every customer comes with its specific needs, we give products as per the specified requirements.

In pursuit of excellence, we are driven to improve our products continuously. Passionate about constructing homes, we are committed to serving people, focussing the strength and longevity. Our core values are safety, agility, integrity and transparency, which we demonstrate through our outstanding services.

Message from the leaders

“Innovation in substantial infrastructure is the robust foundation for future prosperity. Our endeavour at Kay2 has always been to strengthen construction capabilities for a stronger and safer tomorrow. Owing to our business expertise, innovative approach, and groundbreaking technology, we now lead the way for a new vertical growth model in today's construction. Our internationally recognized manufacturing and quality processes, consistency in volumes, and assured timely deliveries have made us the most preferred and sought after brand by structural engineers, architects, and construction companies globally.

Infused with innovation & automated technologies, and consistent with BIS standard quality, I present to you Kay2 XENOX, the Intelligent Steel designed for perfection and to endure strength. Kay2 XENOX's better weldability, superior bendability, and higher elongation offers unmatched strength and makes it earthquake, corrosion, and fire-resistant. Kay2 XENOX's is an avant-garde product that leverages the power of advanced technology and focuses on Smart Construction. This new age construction steel has a mesh grip for a stronger steel cement bond. With an average of 2.7 times higher bond strength, this advanced processed steel ensures a stronger and stable structure and proves that safety is our most prioritized management value.

At Kay2 Steel, we are committed to producing the highest quality of steel following a path of excellence and making it cost-effective for the larger good. Our strong sense of aesthetic value, integrity, and reliability of our actions has earned the trust of our customers. We work with transparency and dedication and act cohesively towards building a steady relationship with our partners and clients across the globe. To achieve the highest possible standards, I ask for your sincere support for Kay2 Steel in pursuit of innovation to revolutionize the future.”


With our results-oriented approach, we at Kay2 Steel are committed to helping our clients build a stronger future. Through our passion for excellence, we intend to make your experience with Kay2 Steel better each day. With the objective to produce a high customer base, we go the extra mile in producing superlative quality products whilst going the eco-friendly way. We at Kay2 Steel, continue to make efforts to better ourselves and cater to our clients in a more fitting manner.

Directed by our passion for perfection we aim to be the primary source to fulfil all the TMT Bar and wirebond requirements. Our mission is to deliver quality products in a cost-effective manner for client satisfaction and trust.


With our ability to turn innovative ideas into actionable insights, we have set our eyes to become the primary source for all your steel bar needs. We put persistent efforts to grow ourselves as a touchstone in the steel manufacturing market.

Our vision is to be the benchmark in the competitive landscape by creating value for money. Visioning ourselves being the leading manufacturer of TMT Bars and wirebonds, we offer premium quality steel to our customers in domestic as well as international markets.

Being a results-oriented organisation, we are motivated to promote superlative quality construction material and be the one-stop solution for all the TMT Bar and wirebond requirements. Our vision is to be the best in the industry and deliver our superior services.

Our Values/Ethics

As one of the primary manufacturers of steel TMT Bars and wirebonds, Kay2 Steel comes with a set of core values, including understanding, excellence, integrity, unity and responsibility.


Kay2 Steel is committed to innovation and foreseeing the future development of the products. Using contemporary technology allows us to provide our clients with excellent quality at reasonable prices. Kay2 Steel has managed to work with integrity with a strong sense of aesthetic value, earning the customers’ trust. This has enabled us to maintain long-standing relationships with our clients across the globe. Dedication and transparency are the two primary factors that have led to our growth along with the society that we live in.


"Put yourself in their shoes and you'll know them better."

That’s exactly what Kay2 Steel thrives on. We, at Kay2 Steel, believe that understanding our customers’ perspectives is of utmost importance and the only way to do that is to view from their eyes their needs. It is essential that we understand our customers to deliver the best in the market. Following the timelines, friendly services and maintaining the product quality is what makes a brand, and we believe that consistency is the secret ingredient in the recipe to success. The foundation stone of our organisation is laid on the dedication of our employees combined with the efforts of our vendors towards the interest of the customers.

We take care of your homes along with your hearts!

Striving to become the be-all and end-all for every steel bar requirement, Kay2 Steel perceives the need of all across the country. We, at Kay2 Steel, take pride in assisting our clients as per their requirements within the stipulated timelines. We are strongly guided by our core values to provide the highest quality services to our clients, which enables transparent deals for mutual benefit. Through our novel technology blended with contemporary designs, we have managed to reach the peak of customer satisfaction.

Driven to produce efficacious solutions at decent prices, we deal in TMT Bars and wirebonds.

We move ahead with our extensive experience mingled with our expert knowledge, offering the best quality product in the market that gives us a superior advantage over others.