Uniquely manufactured using modern technology for tying the masonry walls to concrete, steel and masonry, Kay2 Wirebond undergoes strict tests in the laboratory before market release. This wirebond is meant to maintain tight and strong bonds with the TMT Bars. It saves the cost of labour by preventing splitting and breakage while binding. Consisting of standard gauge and sizes, the wirebond is made using optimum quality raw material following the international standards of manufacturing. Packed in high standard safe mode, the Kay2 Wirebond comes with an excellent finish, provides safety and is easy while binding.

Trade Mark Kay2 WIREBOND
Specifications As per IS 280:2006
Type Annealed & Soft Drawn
Diameter 0.71, 0.90 & 1.25mm
Standard Packing 5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs

Properties Other Wires Kay2 WIREBOND
Diameter Not Uniform Uniform & very close to the tolerance
Surface Defect May be present Free from surface defect like splits, flaws, rough jagged & imperfect edge
Winding May be broken or splitting No break & splitting during the binding
Annealed Not Uniform Uniform & Excellent
Packing Loose & Variable in Weight Excellent Packing with constant Weight (5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs)


  • Uniformly manufactured with high tolerance
  • Free from a surface defect such as flaws, splits, rough jagged & imperfect edge
  • Does not break & split during the binding
  • Excellent Packing with constant Weight (5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs)

Manufactured as per IS 280:2006

Annealed & Soft Drawn Type

0.71, 0.90 & 1.25mm in diameter

Standard Packaging of 5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs