• Kay2 Wire the product manufactured with ultra modern technology.
  • Kay2 Wire is made of best quality raw material with international standards.
  • Kay2 Wire undergoes strict test in ultra modern laboratory before release to the market.
  • Kay2 Wire prevents splitting while binding hence saves cost & labour.
  • Kay2 Wire has standard gauge and size.
  • Kay2 Wire has good finish, provides safety and easy while binding.
  • Kay2 Wire keeps tightness with TMT bars without getting loose.
  • Kay2 Wire is always packed in high standard safe mode, which maintains quality, over long period.
  • Kay2 Wire meets international quality & standards.

Trade Mark Kay2 WIREBOND Trade Mark
Specifications As per IS 280:2006 -
Type Annealed & Soft Drawn -
Diameter 0.71, 0.90 & 1.25mm -
Standard Packing 5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs -
Standard Packing As per IS 280:2006 As per IS 280:2006
Standard Packing As per IS 280:2006 As per IS 280:2006
Specifications As per IS 280:2006 -

Properties Other Wires Kay2 WIREBOND
Diameter Not Uniform Uniform & very close to the tolerance
Surface Defect May be present Free from surface defect like splits, flaws, rough jagged & imperfect edge
Winding May be broken or splitting No break & splitting during the binding
Annealed Not Uniform Uniform & Excellent
Packing Loose & Variable in Weight Excellent Packing with constant Weight (5 kgs, 10 kgs & 25 kgs)