Innovation, at Kay2 Steel is the watchword, driving our tremendous progress. Innovation works at all levels: through processes that give birth to concepts innovatively implemented to produce excellent products at the affordable prices.

KAY2 XENOX's compact rib pattern offers a Hexagonal Molecular Bonding and adds longevity to the structure. The total of the internal angles of a hexagon is 720-degree meant for an all-round bonding with the cement to last any after effect of earthquake, corrosion and fire. Hexagonal Molecular Bonding has high bond energy compared to seismic energy. The unique pattern of KAY2 XENOX bar improves the development and splice strength of reinforced steel. This helps the reinforcing steel bar in any structure to stay immune to the damage during an earthquake. Also, Hexagonal Molecular Bonding decreases the corrosion rate in reinforced concrete with its innovative rib pattern and showcases an exceptional combination of Strength, Ductility & Bonding suitable for skyscraper construction

Innovation infuses with everything we do at Kay2 Steel starting right from the scientific proficiency of our Research and Development team to creative thinking of our group makes us stand out from the rest. Innovation is always about something new and refreshing. We lay emphasis on this thinking and work together to create something new. This innovative thinking leads to better performance and increased sustainability. Our Research and Development team analyzes the raw materials precisely. We also carry out stimulation tests on the development of new types of steel and get it certified too.


Kay2 Steel strongly believes in implementing the latest and the best in automated technologies to deliver consistently better-performing products at better than market prices yet sustain increased revenue generation and profitability.

We believe autonomy in technology is essential for expansion in the context of globalization. We lay great emphasis on the raw materials and technology. With the latest technology and superior quality of raw materials, Kay2 Steel is heading towards the right path. We have also focused on product innovations with a variety of products. Products are designed according to the target customers and focus is also laid on the whole product package. We take care of contracting, project management, equipment design and manufacturing supply, construction management, commissioning and startup, operation & maintenance, product inspection, metallurgy, environmental protection, architecture, transportation, municipal works, finance, and chemical industry, etc.

Quality Standards

When maximum reinforcement with excellent quality is needed for any construction, the only name that fulfills all the international quality standards is KAY2 XENOX TMT BAR.

KAY2 XENOX has the most advanced technology, the purest and excellent quality raw materials and above all the highly qualified and proficient workforce. KAY2 XENOX TMT bar is mass-producing international quality steel Fe 500 & 500 D bars having the best possible features and thus has earned a very high name in the construction industry. KAY2 XENOX TMT bar has the unparalleled quality standards as it uses the highest and purest grade Fe 500 & 500 D with the best strength and ductility. The other salient features of KAY2 XENOX TMT bars are far better corrosion-resistance, better bond-strength with cement, resistance to fire hazard, excellent ductility, higher fatigue strength, easy workability at site and definitely better results than BIS standards, saving of 14-19% steel, thus greater reinforcement with a reduction in construction costs.

Steel With a Difference

KAY 2 XENOX is a new age construction steel TMT bar that has revolutionized the safety and quality standards in the industry. Made from the highest-quality steel, it conforms to the BIS standard and changes the way we look at infrastructure in today's time. This advanced processed steel, when embedded with concrete, gives excellent strength and durability to any construction. Intelligent Steel draws its power from the Hexagonal Molecular Bonding, which is a result of innovative rib design. The reinforced steel gives infinite strength to the entire infrastructure, which is evident when the structure suffers high magnitude seismic shocks.

KAY 2 XENOX spliced rib geometry pattern provides mechanical strength to the bar against the surrounding concrete and ensures that the reinforced TMT bar and concrete work together to transfer the stress between the two materials. This superior bond is present due to the chemical adhesion, friction, and mechanical interaction between reinforcing steel bars and surrounding concrete. Thus, Intelligent Steel uses its varying strength and features such as ductility, weldability, bendability at its disposal and contributes to sustainable construction.