Kay2 XENOX's unique rib design strongly bonds with concrete in a Hexagonal pattern and ensures a solid foundation and quality of any structure. As modern construction requires a higher degree of innovation and creativity, Kay2 Steel provides premium TMT Bars crucial for construction across earthquake-prone areas. The total of the internal angles of a Hexagon is 720-degree meant for superior bonding and enabling any infrastructure to tolerate a high degree of stress.

Apart from the formation of bars to precise tolerances, the critical process is the thermo-mechanical-treatment defining the final characteristics as regards molecular structure and mechanical properties. Kay2 XENOX TMT Bars are formed in very precise conditions to create the right temperature gradient that form the martensite structure on the outside and a flexible fine-grained pearlite core.

Extreme care in selection of raw materials, an automated mill to form the rebars followed by precisely controlled quenching and tempering process define quality of TMT Bars. Our mastery in the latter process ensures TMT Bars with the right characteristics of about 30% hardened peripheral areas with a ductile core that makes it ideal for construction.

Kay2 XENOX TMT Bars meet the industry standards and specifications as regards fatigue strength, creep resistance, weldability, bendability, crack resistance and tensile as well as compressive strength. Stronger and with better mechanical properties than similar bars, Kay2 XENOX TMT reduce usage of Steel by 20% while assuring higher strength to structures for a longer period, proving to be cost effective.

S.No Constituents Maximum
Fe-500 Fe-500 Fe-500D Fe-500D Fe-550 Fe-550
1 Carbon% 0.30 0.25 0.25 0.23 0.30 0.25
2 Sulphur% 0.055 0.050 0.040 0.035 0.055 0.050
3 Phosphorus% 0.055 0.050 0.040 0.035 0.055 0.050
4 S+P% 0.105 0.100 0.075 0.070 0.100 0.095
5 Carbon Equivalent% - - 0.50 0.40 - -
6 Nitrogen% 0.012 0.010 0.012 0.010 0.012 0.010

*As contained in 90% of heat

S.No Properties Unit IS: 1786 (Fe-500) KAY2 XENOX (Fe-500) IS: 1786 (Fe-500D) KAY2 XENOX (Fe-500D) IS: 1786 (Fe-550) KAY2 XENOX (Fe-550)
1 Yield Stress (Min.) N/mm2 500 530.0 500.0 530.0 550.0 565.0
2 Tensile Strength (Min.) N/mm2 545 600.0 565.0 610.0 585.0 610.0
3 TS/YS Ratio Ratio >= 1.08 >= 1.10 >= 1.10 >= 1.12 >= 1.06 >= 1.08
4 Elongation (Min.) % 12 16.0 16.0 18.0 10.0 14.0
5 Uniform Elongation (Min.) % - - 5.0 6.0 - -
6 Bend Test
a) Upto & Including 20 mm
Mandrel dia (in mm) ø-dia of bar
b) Over 20 mm Mandrel dia (in mm) ø-dia of bar
7 Re-Bend Test
a) Upto & Including
Mandrel dia (in mm) ø-dia of bar
b) 10 mm Mandrel dia (in mm) ø-dia of bar

*As contained in 90% of heat

Characteristics Ordinary TMT KAY2 XENOX TMT
Fe-415 Fe-415 Fe-500 Fe-550
Design/Grade/Y.S 415 N/mm2 450 N/mm2 530 N/mm2 565 N/mm2
Quantity 1.0 MT 0.92 MT 0.78 MT 0.73 MT
Percentage of saving weight over Fe-415 - 8.0% 22% 27%
Saving in cost relative to Fe-415/MT. If rates are 40,000/-PMT 3200/- 8800/- 10,800/-

TMT Bar Advantages

  • Premium quality KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars are made from billets.
  • Excellent quality and surface finish due to premium quality of raw material & latest rolling techniques.
  • Continuous R & D and an eye on the Global Technogical Trends to ensure that our customers get the best.
  • Sophisticated labs to check the consistent quality of bars.
  • Strict metallurgical control is maintained at every stage of production, from receipt of raw material to dispatch of finished product. The company has a dedicated quality Assurance Department with well equipped laboratories & Trained Technicians to monitor the process and materials at different points.
  • Our Quality Assurance System is an entire process that keeps upgrading from time to time.


You must check out the following essential qualities while purchasing
TMT Bars:

  • It must bend easily.
  • Its ribs must be sharp for the strongest bonding with cement.
  • It must have good combination of strength & ductility.
  • The weight standards of TMT Bars per meter must be as per ISI standard.
  • TMT Bars must have been manufactured by an ISI & ISO certified company.
  • Every meter length of TMT Bar must bear its company stamp.
Features of KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars

Bond Strength

The Splicing Rib Design pattern of KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars offers 2.7 times higher bond strength compared to ordinary bars bond strength and are specially designed to ensure excellent bondage between the bar and the surrounding concrete. The strong compression and tension in reinforced concrete produces an everlasting bond and adds longevity to the structure.

Superior Bendability

KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars have outstanding bending and re-bending properties without any occurrence of cracks. The tough outer surface and a ductile core ensures that the composite works efficiently and cracks are under control. This results in rebars with extremely high bendability offering shape to the perfect construction. These bars can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS: 1786.

Better Weldability

KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars offer superior weldability than conventional bars due to its low carbon equivalent. Its excellent formability and weldability absorbs seismic energy and increases safety. It can easily be butt-welded, or lap welded using ordinarily coated electrodes of similar strength. No pre-warming or post-heat treatment is necessary for manual arc welding either.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion of reinforcing bars depletes the service life of the concrete structure. KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars are designed and produced with the latest technology to protect reinforcing steel bars against corrosion from the high-alkalinity of pore water. The compact rib pattern (Hexagonal Molecular Bonding) provides better physical protection so that the corrosion rate decreases and increases the life of the structure.

High Temperature Resistance

At KAY2 Steel, we use standard materials while treating the steel with a high melting point to make it stable, durable, and reliable in the face of extreme temperatures. This allows KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars to retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300 degrees Celsius and 40% at 500 degrees Celsius.

Dimensional Tolerance

Our Quality Control measures include measurement of chemical and mechanical properties and close dimensional tolerances for a superior quality product. KAY2 XENOX TMT BARS are supplied with section weight lower than the nominal, within the BIS specification. They are guaranteed to be lesser than the nominal mass & less than 1% heavy to provide various design advantages and application benefits.

Seismic Resistance

KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars reveal superior seismic resistance properties during simulated earthquake conditions induced on reinforced concrete, beam, column and joints to evaluate performance under repeated reverse-loading with inelastic strains. The advanced processed steel has a mesh grip for a stronger steel cement bond. Its superior physical and chemical properties soften the earthquake generated forces acting upon it and escape the deformation and damage.

Economics of Savings

KAY2 XENOX TMT Bars are new generation rebars with Hexagonal Molecular Bonding and usable yield stress which is above that of Fe-500 grade of IS:1786. Hence, their use based on the working stress or limit state method as per IS:456, would result in substantial savings in steel costs as compared to a typical T-Beam floor built with Mild Steel Bars.